Top Features and Enhancements for November 2021

New G-Delta Feature

G-Delta is a platform that allows scheduled monitoring of your database’s schema changes so that a given Project Version stays in sync with its database. G-Delta prepares an audit report of all the changes it finds in the database schema against the state of the Project Version. An Organization Admin can review the audit report and execute the refactoring process, putting the Project Version in sync with the database. For more information about G-Delta, click here.

GenRocket Deletion Policy

A user's steps to delete a Project/Project Version will vary based on the permission level of the Deletion Permission Policy. The following applies to users attempting to delete a Project/Project Version.

  • Organization Admin - An Organization Admin may delete a Project/Project Version without requesting permission.
  • Creator - The user who created the Project/Project Version can delete it without requesting permission.
  • Other Users - Any user who is not an Organization Admin or the Creator must send a Deletion Request to either the Creator or an Organization Admin.

Note: For more information about this new policy and how users can request to delete a Project/Project Version, click here

Added Icon to Recognize Primary Key Attributes

Each Attribute within a Domain has a Primary Parameter, which defines the Primary Attribute for referential integrity. When enabled for an Attribute, a Key icon will appear to the left of the Attribute name within the Domain Dashboard. 

A Subset of Domains can be copied from one Project to Another

Users can select a subset of Domains to copy to a Project Version within the same or another Project. For more information, click here.

Added Configuration Management for SWIFTSegmentMergeReceiver

The SWIFTSegmentMergeReceiver requires a configuration file to help facilitate the formatting of the data output. This option is now available when creating a new Configuration File from within the Configuration Tab of the Management Pane

Within the Select Config Type prompt, select the SWIFT configuration type. For more information about creating a SWIFT Configuration File and the SWIFTSegmentMergeReceiver, click here

Added Dynamic File and Config Tabs for ParquetSegmentMergeReceiver and ParquetSegmentMergeV2Receiver

The File Config Tab is used to configure what event will trigger file creation and the naming configuration for generated files. 

The Directory Config Tab is used to configure what event will trigger directory creation and the naming configuration for generated directories. 

Note: For more information on the Dynamic File Config and Directory Config Tabs, click here.

Added Dynamic File and Config Tabs for the EDISegmentMergeReceiver

When a user runs a Scenario, the generated output will be in a single file that contains every record for most configured Receivers. The Dynamic File and Config Tabs can be used to customize the following for the EDISegmentMergeReceiver: 

  • The number of records in each generated Output file.
  • The number of files in each generated Output Subdirectory.
  • The naming convention of the Output File.
  • The naming convention of the Output Subdirectory.

Note: For more information about the EDISegmentMergeReceiver, click here.


Added parentSegment Receiver Property Key to EDITemplateReceiver

The EDITemplateReceiver uses an EDI document as a template and then creates one or more EDI documents by replacing the sensitive data with synthetically generated data at the positions configured in the Receiver.

A parentSegment Attribute Property Key has been added to the EDITemplateReceiver. It can be used to specify the parent segment of the given segment to mask (Example: NM1*85).

Added removeOnDisable Parameter to FileMaskMultiBlockReceiver

A removeOnDisable Parameter has been added to the FileMaskMultiBlockReceiver. It defines whether to remove the disabled line from your destination file or note. 

New LoopSetGen Generator

The LoopSetGen sets the value generated by another Domain Attribute as the loop count. For more information, click here

New USStateCapitalLatitudeGen Generator

The USStateCapitalLatitudeGen Generator generators a state capital latitude for each of the 50 states within the USA and also searches for a USStateGen Generator with the same Domain, matching up its values if one is found. 

New USStateCapitalLongitudeGen Generator

The USStateCapitalLongitudeGen Generator generates the state capital longitude of the 50 states within the USA and searches for a USStateGen within the same Domain, matching up its values if one is found. 

New language Parameter for Chinese Generators

A language Parameter has been added to the ChinaCityGen Generator, ChinaProvinceGen Generator, and the ChinaDistricGen Generator. This parameter can be used to select Chinese or English as the language. 

G-Migration+ Enhancement

 G-Migration+ can now be used to migrate Tables with no Primary Keys and Composite Keys.

G-Delta improvement for more than one G-Repository Server

Users define a name for the G-Repository Server when it is created. When adding a G-Delta to a Project, the user can then select the server by name. This improvement was added to accommodate multiple users who are using G-Repository Server with G-Delta.