Users can select a subset of Domains to copy to a Project Version within the same Project or another Project.

This article shows how to copy a subset of Domains within a selected Project/Project Version to a different Project/Project Version.

Note: For more information on how to copy a whole Project Version, click here.


A user needs to copy a User and Address Domain from one Project to a Project Version of another Project.

The destination Project Version contains no Domains. 

How to Copy a Subset of Domains

  • Open the Project you would like to use to copy a subset of Domains.

  • Within Project Versions Pane, expand the Manage Menu and select the Copy Version option.

  • Select Copy Subset of Domains and then click Next.

  • Select the Project Version the subset of Domains will be copied from.

  • Select the Project Version the subset of Domains will be copied to and then click Next.

  • Select a Search Criteria option, enter a Keyword (if required), and click the Filter button. For this example, All has been chosen. The results will appear below the Search Criteria options.

  • Next, select the Domains that should be copied to the selected Project Version. To do so, either click on Select All or the checkbox for each Domain.

  • Once finished, click on the Copy Domains button.

  • Click Yes in the prompt.

  • Click OK in the prompt.

    Note: When copying large subsets of Domains, the status of the copy will appear within the Queue Status Pane in the Project Dashboard.

  • The copied Domains will be displayed within the Domains Pane for the destination Project/Project Version once the copy has finished.