Top New Features and Enhancements for December

G-Map Server (Full Release)

G-Map Server allows Domain Attributes to put key/value data into mapped memory and disk cache and allows other Domain Attributes to get value data from cache with a key. When its mapped memory cache is full, it uses Least Recently Used (LRU) algorithm to retrieve values from its disk cache to place into mapped memory. 

The G-MapServer communicates over REST via a given port. Thus, multiple G-MapServers can operate simultaneously within a single test server or on multiple testing servers within a closed testing environment. For more information, see this article: G-Map Server Overview.

G-Feature File (Full Release)

G-Feature File can be used to quickly create or import Feature Files into a selected Project Version of a given Project. Once imported or created, users can add G-Data Tables to Feature Files and use synthetically generated test data in their Cucumber tests. For more information, see this article: G-Feature File Overview.


ASCIIToHexGen Generator

The ASCIIToHexGen Generator references the generated value of another Domain's Attribute and converts it from ASCII to Hexadecimal.

ListFileNameGen Generator

The ListFileNameGen Generator loads a list of file names present within a directory (recursively).

Generator Tuning Wizard Available for All Types of Projects

The Generator Tuning Wizard can be used to perform advanced Generator Tuning within a selected Project Version of a given Project. Users can see statistics on how well Generators have been associated to Attributes and make any needed changes from one location. For more information, see this article: Generator Tuning Wizard.

It is now available for all types of Projects and can be accessed by clicking on the Generator Tuning icon.

The Generator Tuning Wizard appears as shown below:

SegmentPartitionReceiver Enhancement

An h2DBServerMode Parameter has been added to the SegmentPartitionReceiver to support multiple connections (client and server). 

USCityGen Generator Enhancement

The USCityGen Generator has been enhanced for nine digits.

QueryMaxGen Generator Enhancement

An increment Parameter has been added to the QueryMaxGen Generator. This parameter allows users to generate a range of numbers starting from the value returned by the query. The generated number jumps by the amount specified in the increment Generator Parameter.

FlexibleDateJumpGen Generator Enhancement

The FlexibleDateJumpGen Generator has been enhanced to allow null values.