Jar File Release Notes - December 2021

Release Date

Updated Jar Files

New Features

December 30, 2021
GenRocket Runtime (3.5.29)The following new features were in this release:
  • G-Map Server (Full Release)
  • G-Questionnaire (Beta Release)
  • G-Feature File (Full Release)
  • ASCIIToHexGen Generator


The following enhancements were made for this release:
  • SegmentPartitionReceiver - h2DBServerMode Parameter and additional enhancements
  • Generator Tuning added for all types of Projects (not just XTS)
  • FileMaskMultiBlockReceiver - Retain header when using this Receiver
  • USCityGen enhanced to include 9-digits
  • Added ListFileNameGen Generato
  • QueryMaxGen Generator - New Parameter
  • FlexibleDateJumpGen Generator - Updated to allow null values
  • ExcelFileMultiSheetReceiver - updated functionality to add data in sheet

Bug Fixes

The following fixes were made for this release:
  • Running G-Story from containing folder requires an absolute path
  • Quick Scenario not being created when Generator has Special character in the value
  • PostgreSQL XTS not reading schema specific tables
  • USCityZipCodeMapGen Generator not generating correct city based on the passed state abbreviation
  • Column Type not reflected correctly at Receiver Property Key level

Deprecated Items

The following items were deprecated for this release:
  • HexadecimalConverterGen Generator