A G-Questionnaire Suite contains a default template authored by a permitted user and G-Questionnaire Cases created by general users (Developers/Testers).

Who can Create a G-Questionnaire Suite?

  • Power users (Test Data Engineer/Org Admin) can create a G-Questionaire Suite.  

How to Create a G-Questionnaire Suite

  • Select a Project within the Project Dashboard.

  • Expand the Self Serve Menu Options menu for a Project Version and select G-Questionnaire.

  • Click on the Add G-Questionnaire Suite button.

  • Enter a unique Name for the G-Questionnaire Suite.

  • Select a Category (e.g., Integration, Load, Negative).

  • Enter a Description and click the Save button.

The system automatically creates a template case when a new G-Questionnaire Suite is saved. The Author cannot create or delete the Template, only modify its contents. To learn more, please see How to Author a G-Questionnaire Template