Release Date

Updated Jar Files

New Features

January 30, 2022
GenRocket Runtime (3.5.29)The following new features were in this release:
  • Additional Domain creation functionality, importing meta data using JSON DDL (support various meta data management application like Ab Initio)
  • Quick Pattern Domain creation functionality, create Domains based on a pattern


The following enhancements were made for this release:
  • Addition to G-Analytics reporting to show aggregated (loop count) number of records created (report information is collected and displayed starting with Runtime version 3.5.29 and forward)
  • G-Questionnaire enhancements 
  • Improvement of data warehouse generator assignment
  • G-Delta enhancements to support parent/child refactoring

Bug Fixes

The following fixes were made for this release:
  • GenRocket Docker Image Optimization 
  • Fix to AbstractUSStateGen generator set to dynamically based on number of cities in the state.
  • Fix to RESTDirectoryV2Receiver.groovy
  • Fix to DelimitedFileReceiver addressing issues appending records
  • Fix MapToCSVGen and CSVFromMAPGen generators