This article defines the syntax for automating the creation of a G-Repository Client via a properties file.  

Run Command to Automate the Creation of a G-Repository Client (GRC)

Syntax: -grcltac /pathTo/PropertiesFile

Example: genrocket -grcltac /home/configs/repositoryClient/

Create a File with Parameters to Launch a G-Repository Client

The configuration properties to automated the launching of a G-Repository must contain the following parameters:

  • profileId - The external profileId of the GenRocket Organization.
  • repoName - the name for the client repo to contain the contents of a given Project Version.
  • serverName - The server's name that will be registered with the GenRocket Organization.
  • serverURL - The ipAddress of the Repository Server
  • serverPort - The port on which to communicate with the G-Repository Server.
  • downloadPort - The port on which to download from the G-Repository Server.
  • projectName - The name of the GenRocket Organization Project.
  • projectVersion - The versionNumber of the Project Version within the GenRocket Organization Project.
  • baseDirectory - This is the directory under which the client repo, defined by the repoName, will be created. The 
    • The baseDirectory can be created anywhere within the user's system.
    • During the creation process:
      • If the base subdirectory does not exist, then all paths will be created.
      • If the path already exists, it will be checked to see if it is the G-Repository Client base subdirectory. If it is not determined to be the base subdirectory, then the creation process will be terminated.

Example 1

In this example, we are appending the GenRocket User Home Directory in the baseDirectory path to specify G-Repository Client Base Complete Path.


Note: The GenRocket User Home Directory will automatically be replaced with #{homeDir} in order to get the complete path.

Example 2

This example shows how to specify the complete path of the G-Repository Client base directory in baseDirectory if it is an entirely different path. 


Example Execution

$ genrocket -grcltac /Users/jdoe/configs/GRepositoryClient/

***** Auto Creating Client Repository *****

*** Successfully connecting to repository server at localhost:8020 ***

*** Successfully connecting to download server at localhost:8021 ***

The Client Repo has been created for Default 1.0 Project Version

The Client Repo is updating for Default 1.0 Project Version

Processing AccountLevelScenario.grs - 0.042 ms

Processing AccountScenario.grs - 0.005 ms

Processing AccountTableScenarioChain.grsc - 0.005 ms

Processing AccountTypeScenario.grs - 0.005 ms

Processing BankingSuite.gtdc - 0.006 ms

Processing BranchScenario.grs - 0.015 ms

Processing CardProductScenario.grs - 0.008 ms

Processing CardTypeScenario.grs - 0.006 ms

Processing CustomerAccountScenario.grs - 0.005 ms

Processing CustomerScenario.grs - 0.005 ms

Processing InventorySuite.gtdc - 0.005 ms

Processing PopulateAccountTables.gstryste - 0.005 ms

Processing PopulateAllForLargeSetup.gstryepc - 0.006 ms

Processing PopulateAllForMediumSetup.gstryepc - 0.004 ms

Processing PopulateAllForSmallSetup.gstryepc - 0.005 ms

Processing PopulateSingleTables.gstryste - 0.008 ms

Processing PopulateTypeTables.gstryste - 0.006 ms

Processing RESTServices.gtdc - 0.004 ms

Processing SelectCustomerDataQueries.gtdq - 0.005 ms

Processing StartingBalanceRules.gtdr - 0.003 ms

Processing TransactionScenario.grs - 0.004 ms

Processing TransactionTypeScenario.grs - 0.006 ms

Processing TypeTablesScenarioChain.grsc - 0.004 ms

***** G-Repository Client update completed - 0s *****