A G-Questionnaire Suite can be created from a G-Case Suite within a selected Project Version of a given Project through the G-Cases Management Dashboard

When a G-Questionnaire Suite is created, it will automatically contain the Domains and Loop Counts, Rules, Queries, and other items that are part of the selected G-Case. 

For this example, a G-Case Suite has been created with the following: 

  • Four Domains (Organization, Department, User, Address)
  • A G-Rule Suite
  • A G-Query

How to create a G-Questionnaire

  • Select the Project within the Project Dashboard.

  • Expand the Self Serve Menu Options menu and select G-Cases.

  • Click on the Create G-Questionnaire from G-Case Suite button.

  • Enter a Name and Description for the G-Questionnaire Suite.

  • Select a Category.

  • Select a Template Case within the G-Case Suite.

  • Click Save to create the G-Questionnaire Suite.

  • Expand the G-Self Serve Menu and select G-Questionnaire to view the new G-Questionnaire Suite.