Quick Pattern Domain allows a user to quickly and easily create Domains that follow a common design pattern. There are currently three available design patterns: Map/Type Table, List, or Permutation. 

On this single form, users can define the information for multiple Attributes within a Domain simultaneously without having to define what Generator to use. Quick Pattern Domain is especially useful when defining Type Tables. 

Below is an example of a User Domain using a List Design Pattern containing five Attributes: firstName, lastName, middleInitial, ssn, and age. 

Generator Assignment Based on Design Pattern Selection

  • Map/Type Table - First Attribute uses a ListGen Generator and the rest of the Attributes use a MapGen Generator. 
  • List - First Attribute (id Attribute) uses a RangeGen Generator. The rest of the Attributes use a ListGen Generator.
  • Permutation - First Attribute (id Attribute) uses the RangeGen Generator. The rest of the Attribute uses a PermutationGen Generator. 

How to create a Domain using Quick Pattern Domain

  • In the Project Dashboard, select a Project and Project Version.

  • In the Domains Pane, expand the New Domain Menu and select Quick Pattern.

  • Enter the Number of Columns and Domain Name.

  • Enter a Table Name (optional) and Description (optional but recommended).

  • Select a Design Pattern (e.g., Map/Type Table, List, or Permutation).

  • Click on the Add Attributes button.

  • Enter the Name information for each Attribute. In this example, the Original Name and Name values are the same for each Attribute.

  • Select a Type (e.g., String, Integer, Float, Date) from the drop-down menu for each Attribute.

  • Enter a Size for each Attribute.

  • (Optional) Change the selection for Enforce Type/Limit. The default value is "False" for each Attribute.

  • Manually enter or copy and paste the Data Values into the form for each Attribute.

    Note: If more than four columns are added, a scroll bar will appear at the bottom of the window and can be used to view the rest of the Attributes for the Domain.

  • Click the Save button once finished.

The created Domain will appear as shown below: