Top New Features and Enhancements for February

Custom SSL Certificate for GMUS

A custom SSL Certificate can be used when running GenRocket Multi-User Server (GMUS).  A configuration file with specific properties is required to add a custom SSL Configuration to GMUS. For more information, please see this article: How to Provide Custom SSL Configuration to GMUS REST Server.

G-Repository Enhancement - Automation Commands

G-Repository provides two commands that automate the creation of G-Repository Servers and G-Repository Clients. These two commands are designed for testing environments where test servers are spent up, G-Repository Severs and G-Repository Clients are launched, test data is generated, tests are run, and servers are eventually spent down. To learn more, please see this article: G-Repository Automation Commands.

G-Analytics Enhancements - Five New Dashboards

Five new Dashboards have been added to G-Analytics to provide improved information regarding your organization, project setup activity, user setup activity, organization setup activity, and runtime activity. 

  • OrganizationProfile
  • ProjectSetupActivity
  • UserSetupActivity
  • OrganizationSetupActivity
  • DataRunActivity

Note: For more information about G-Analytics, please see this article: G-Analytics Dashboard Overview

ExcelChildToMapGen Generator

The ExcelChildToMapGen Generator reads data from one or more columns within an Excel File. 

ExcelChildFromMapGen Generator

The ExcelChildFromMapGen Generator reads the value of a particular column by Column Name from the result of the ExcelChildToMapGen Generator.

Import from JSON Schema Enhancements

Domain name character length was increased. Please see this article to learn more about importing a JSON Schema: How to import Domains from JSON Schema.

ListCSVV2Gen Generator Enhancement

A new refreshList Parameter has been added to the ListCSVV2Gen Generator. This parameter determines whether to refresh the list for every child based on the dynamic file name. For more information, please see this article: How do I use the ListCSVV2Gen Generator?

ListGen Generator Enhancement

A unique Parameter has been added to the ListGen Generator to generate unique randomized values from a list. To learn more, please see this article: How do I use the ListGen Generator?.

USCityZipCodeMapGen Generator Enhancement

The USCityZipCodeMapGen Generator has been enhanced to map the city from the zip code. In the example below, this Generator references the value generated by the USCityGen Generator to ensure the zip code matches the generated US city.


EDISegmentMergeReceiver Enhancement

A segmentPerLine Parameter has been added to the EDISegmentMergeReceiver. It can be used to generate All EDI segments in one row and has a default value of "True." To learn more, please see this article: How do I use the EDISegmentMergeReceiver?.