This method loads and runs a Test Data Story.


The following GenRocket Exception may be thrown by this method:

  • Repo name required
  • Story Suite name is required
  • Story name is required

Runtime Method Signature

Use this method signature when directly accessing the GenRocket binary runtime.

clientRepoStoryRun(String repoName, String suiteName, String storyName)

REST/Socket Payload Request

Use this API JSON request payload when making an API call to the GenRocket REST or Socket Engine.

  "interfaceType": "Manual",
  "methodName": "clientRepoStoryRun",
  "parameters": {
     "suiteName": "",

Example Usage

final EngineAPI api = new EngineManual()

api.clientRepoStoryRun('BankDemo', 'PopulateTypeTables', 'TypeTableSetup')