Top New Features and Enhancements for March 2022

New G-Repository Client API Commands

The following G-Repository Client API commands have been added. To learn more, please see the G-RepositoryClient API Methods section of this article: Index of API Methods.

void clientRepoSet(String repoName)
void clientRepoScenarioLoad(String scenarioName)
void clientRepoChainLoad(String scenarioChainName)
void clientRepoChainSetLoad(String scenarioChainSetName)
void clientRepoCaseLoad(String suiteName, String categoryName, String caseName)
void clientRepoRuleLoad(String ruleName)
void clientRepoQueryLoad(String queryName)
void clientRepoStoryRun(String suiteName, String storyName)
void clientRepoEpicRun(String epicName)
void clientRepoRun()
void clientRepoRun(String command)

New USLicenseILGen Generator

The USLicenseILGen Generator can be used to generate license numbers for the US state of Illinois. 

Nested JSON: Hide (Not Generate) an Attribute in Output Based on a Condition

A condition can be used to determine if an Attribute is generated or not generated within nested JSON output. Select the Attribute in the Domain Dashboard and then select the Exclude on NULL output condition within the Attribute Dashboard.

Assign a Generator (e.g., SwitchGen, EvalCaseGen) and use it to set up the condition. This condition determines if the Attribute is generated or not generated in the JSON output file. 

In the example below, "null" will be used each time the equation is false. This means that the Attribute will not be generated in the JSON output file. When true, it will be generated.

Note: For a complete full example, please see this article: Nested JSON: How to hide an Attribute based on a Condition.