GenRocket Web Platform requires credentials to log in. Each time a user logs in, they create a secure, encrypted connection from their browser to the GenRocket Cloud. Apart from the Login Credentials provided by GenRocket Web Platform, GenRocket also provides the ability to login via Single Sign-On (SS0). SSO allows users to log in to the GenRocket Web platform using your company's credentials. GenRocket Single Sign-On is based on SAML 2.0.

Diagram: Authenticated User Sequence with SSO

Steps for SSO Integration

GenRocket, as a Service Provider (SP), talks to Identity Provider (IDP, e.g., OKTA, Active Directory, etc.) with the help of a Metadata file. 

Identity Provider (IDP) Metadata File

GenRocket needs the Identity Provider (IDP) metadata file to perform the integration. This file will need to be provided to us and we will add the IDP metadata file at our end for integration. 

Service Provider (SP) Metadata File

The GenRocket team will provide the Service Provider (SP) metadata file to the team requesting integration. We can share this file in advance with your team.

Configuration to Start Integration

IDP team needs to configure the following configuration at their end to start the integration:

For the handshake between GenRocket (SP) and the IDP, only the Email Address will be required. 

User Access Requirements

The User accessing the GenRocket platform must have an account on the GenRocket platform and a valid License to log in.

The integration will not allow new users to be created on the GenRocket platform. GenRocket has its own predefined role, and therefore roles are not required to be configured in IDP.

Need to integrate SSO with GenRocket?

The SSO configuration is completed by the GenRocket team as per the Customer’s request. 

Contact GenRocket for SSO Integration at: