Release Notes - April 2022

Release Date

Updated Jar Files

New Features, Enhancements, and Fixes

April 8, 2022GenRocket Runtime (3.5.32)The following items were in this release:
  • H2DB Upgrade from 1.4.94 to 2.2.210 - Addressed H2DB (CVE-2022-23221; CVE-2021-42392l; CVE-2021-23463) Vulnerability

  • Spring Dependencies Upgrade (spring-core and spring-expression) from 5.3.3 to 5.3.18 - Addressed CVE-2022-22965 Vulnerability

Release Date

Updated Jar Files

New Features

April 30, 2022GenRocket Jar (
Engine Jar (
Generator Jar (
Receiver Jar (
GRepository Jar (
GRepository Client Jar (
The following new features were in this release:
  • Import Avro JSON Schema to create Domains and Attributes


The following enhancements were in this release:
  • G-Case Editor - Icon added to enable/disable Attributes at Domain level
  • Added G-Partition Engine Process Completion Notification
  • G-Feature File UI Update (Manually Adding Data Tables) - The number of columns must be added before the Add Column button is available.
  • G-Feature File - Added Support to make the changes in the resource variable
  • Dynamic File Configurations - Added at the G-Case level
  • G-Delta - Refactoring and Workflow Improvements
  • DelimitedFileV2Receiver - Receiver made available to allow the option to have quotes
  • ListGen Generator - New optional parameter ResetIndex
  • ImageTemplateReceiver - Added icon to download the metadata
  • API Enhancement for Heavy Scenario Chains - Click here for more details

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were in this release:
  • G-Case Domain Level - Attribute deselected in a set other than "set 1", the page reloads and displays set 1 again
  • ListCSVGen Generator - Skipping delimiter that is part of the value.
  • XTS import not setting the to reference the #{}
  • G-Repository - Fixes for GenRocket Runtime to make a connection to G-Repository Server via Proxy