Top New Features and Enhancements for April 2022

Import Avro JSON Schema to Create Domains and Attributes

An Import from Avro JSON Schema option has been added to the New Domain drop-down menu. An Avro JSON Schema can be imported to create Domains and Attributes.

When importing an Avro JSON Schema, users can choose three output options: JSON, Avro, or Parquet. To learn more, please see How do I import an Avro JSON Schema File?

G-Partition Process Completion Notification

A process completion notification has been added for G-Partition to show when the process has been completed. For more information, please see What is the GenRocket Partition Engine?.

Dynamic File Configuration and API Methods Added at G-Case Level

Dynamic File Configuration has been added at the G-Case Level. The Dynamic File Config and Dynamic Directory Config Tabs will be present when a supported Receiver has been added to the G-Case.

Dynamic File Configuration API methods have also been created to add the Dynamic File Configuration at the G-Case Level for Receivers. For more information, please see Index Of API Methods or use the individual links below:

G-Case Editor Enhancement - Toggle Domain Attributes On/Off

A Toggle Attributes icon has been added at the Domain Level within the G-Case Editor. When an Attribute is toggled "off," it will not be generated as part of the output. To learn more, please see How to toggle Domain Attributes on/off within the G-Case Editor.


G-Feature File Enhancements - API Function and User Interface

The resource variables' value can be modified while calling the API Function to execute a Scenario.

GRFeatureFile.execute(List<Map<String, String>> inputs, Boolean inMemory = false, Map<String, String> resources = [:])

A small change was also made to the UI for manually adding Data Tables to a Feature File. The Information icon was removed, and the Add Column button will be disabled until the number of columns has been entered.

ListGen Generator Enhanced to Restart Reading for Each Child Row

A resetIndex Parameter has been added and defines whether to restart reading the list from scratch for every generated child row. For more information, please see How do I use the ListGen Generator?.

DelimitedV2Receiver Enhanced for String Data Type Values

The DelimitedV2Receiver has been enabled in the platform. The nullFormat has been enhanced to allow for multiple values separated by a delimiter. 

This can be done by changing the useQuotes Receiver Attribute Property Key for the Attribute to "true." By default, it is "false" for all Attributes.

The nullValue Parameter can be used to define what value is considered null and does not need to be quoted. For more information, please see How do I use the DelimitedFileV2Receiver?.

ImageTemplateReceiver Enhancement - Download Image Metadata

A Download Metadata button has been added to the ImageTemplateReceiver Management Dashboard for downloading the image's metadata to the user's local machine. To learn more, please see How do I use the ImageTemplateReceiver?

The file will be downloaded as a JSON file and appear similar to what is shown below: