For some Windows Machines, Java does not have default UTF-8 encoding. This is necessary when generating data with special characters (Swedish characters, Japanese characters, etc.). The steps in this article can be used to set Java's character encoding to UTF-8 manually.

Step 1: Add New System Variable

A new system variable will need to be added to the user's Window machine. 

  • Enter "environment variables" in the search.

  • Select "Edit the system environment variables" in the results.

  • Click on Environment Variables.

  • Next, click on the New... button to add a new system variable.

  • Enter the following information for the new system variable and then click OK:

    Variable Name: JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS
    Variable Value: -Dfile.encoding=UTF8

  • Click OK to finish saving the change.

  • Click OK to exit the System Properties window.

Step 2: Open a New Terminal Window

  • Open a new Terminal window.

  • Set the path to match the path value in the GenRocket web platform.

Step 3: Run the Scenario

  • Run the Scenario at the command line using the genrocket -r command.

Step 4: Open the Output File in an Editor such as Notepad++

The example below contains address information for Saudi Arabia: