A Domain can have several Attributes, which define the characteristics of a Domain. 

For example, if data is being modeled for a database with a User Table, the User Table will be a Domain, and each column within the table will be an Attribute. For example, a User Domain might include these Attributes :

  • id
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • emailAddress
  • username

Note: When a Domain is created or imported, it will automatically have an id Attribute which generates a unique id for each test data record.

When should Attributes be used?

  • Any time a user needs to generate test data for a data model.

How to View and Manage Attributes

Attributes can be viewed and managed within the Attributes Dashboard

  • Click on the Attribute Name within the Domain Dashboard.

  • Attribute information will appear as shown below:

How are Attributes added to a Domain?

Attributes are created in one of two ways: 

  1. Automatically when the Data Model is imported (e.g., XTS Wizard, JSON, DDL, XSD, CSV)
  2. Manually for a selected Domain.

Learn More About Attributes

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