This use case will show how to generate check images with different payer signature colors. This use case will utilize a G-Case. G-Cases are recommended when using gr Property Keys in the ImageTemplateReceiver.

IMPORTANT: This use case builds off of another use case. The first use case shows how to generate check images that are filled with synthetically generated data. To see the first use case, click here.

ImageTemplateReceiver gr Property Keys

The gr Property Keys (e.g., grBackground, grFontSize, grYCoordinate) are used to specify an Attribute whose Generator will modify the value when the image is generated.

Use Case 2: Generate Checks with different Signature Colors

For this example, a user wants to change the font color for the payer's signature on the check. The font color should rotate between three colors: Black, Blue, and Red.

Step 1: Set up a G-Case Suite with a Category and G-Case

A G-Case Suite with a Category and G-Case will need to be created. Please see Test Data Cases Overview for more information on creating G-Case Suites, Categories, and G-Cases.

For this example, the following have been created 

  • G-Case Suite = CheckSuite
  • G-Case Category = Unit
  • G-Case = fillCheck

The Check Domain has been added to the fillCheck G-Case.

Step 2: Add a new signatureColor Attribute to the G-Case Domain

  • Click on the Pencil Icon to edit the G-Case Domain.

  • Click on the New Attribute button.

  • Enter the G-Case Domain Name and click Save.

  • The new G-Case Domain will appear at the bottom of the Attribute List.

Step 3: Assign the ListGen Generator to the signatureColor Attribute

  • Enter ListGen within the Quick Generator Replacement menu.

  • Click on the Replace button.

Step 4: Modify the ListGen Generator Parameters

For this example, only the list values will be modified. Other Parameters can be modified if needed. 

  • Click on Scratchpad to enter a list of values.

  • Enter Black, Blue, and Red. Click OK once finished.

  • Click the Save Generator button.

  • Click on the G-Case Domain Name in the Breadcrumb Bar.

Step 5: Add the ImageTemplateReceiver to the G-Case Domain

  • Click on the Plus (+) icon in the Domain Receivers Pane.

  • Check the box for the ImageTemplateReceiver and then click Save.

  • The ImageTemplateReceiver will appear in the Domains Pane as shown below:

Step 6: Modify the ImageTempateReceiver grFontColor Property Key

  • Select the ImageTemplateReceiver within the Domain Receivers Pane.

  • Select the payerSignature Attribute to view its Property Keys.

  • Enter the name of the Attribute for the appropriate Property Key.

  • For this example, "signatureColor" will be entered for the fontColor Property Key value.

  • Click the Save button once finished.

Step 7: Download the G-Case Suite and Scenario

  • Download the G-Case Suite by clicking on the Cloud Icon within the G-Cases Management Dashboard.

  • Download the Scenario by clicking on the Cloud Icon within the Project or Domain Dashboard.

Step 8: Use the G-Case Command Line to Generate the Check Images

The G-Case Command Line can be found at the bottom of the G-Case Editor Tab and will change based on what Suite, Category, and Case have been selected. Copy and paste the command into a Command Prompt or Terminal window. 

Sample Output

This G-Case will generate 100 check images in a folder titled "images1."

The first check image has a signature that is in black ink.

The second check image has a signature that is in blue ink.

The third check image has a signature that is in red ink. This pattern repeats for all generated check images.