Top New Features and Enhancements for May 2022

G-Questionnaire (Beta)

G-Questionnaire provides a quick, effective way for an Org Admin or Test Data Engineer to set up a default case template within a single, easy-to-use form. Once created, Developers or Testers can copy the template to create a G-Questionnaire Case for generating the required test data. For more information, please see G-Questionnaire Overview (Beta).

G-Families (Beta)

G-Families discovers related Domains ("Families") within an imported Database Schema based on relationships that have been set among imported Domains

It can be used to discover families within the schema based on related Domains, view visual diagrams for families, and create G-Cases from discovered families. For more information, please see How do I use G-Families? (Beta).

G-Case Editor - Domain Tree View Support Added for all Projects

The Domain Tree View has been added to the G-Case Editor Tab for all Projects. It can be used to view Domains and Attributes for the selected G-Case. 

Within this view, users can enable or disable Domains and individual Attributes. Users can also jump to a specific Domain or Attribute. Please see How to use the Domain Tree View in G-Cases to learn more.

G-Case Domains - Remove Multiple Attributes from the Domain

An option has been provided to remove multiple Attributes at once from a G-Case Domain. Please see How to remove Attributes from a G-Case Domain for more information.

NumberDistGen Generator

The NumberDisGen Generator takes a given value and calculates its distribution across itself and one or more Attributes referencing it. The distribution is random, but the sum of the values will add up to the original value.

NumberDistReferenceGen Generator

The NumberDistReferenceGen Generator references an Attribute whose Generator is a NumberDistGen and given a value from a distribution. 

NumberDistSumGen Generator

The NumberDistSumGen Generator references an Attribute whose Generator is a NumberDistGen. It then finds all related Attributes referencing assigned the NumberDistReferenceGen, and calculates the sum of their values. The sum includes the value from the Attribute containing the NumberDistGen.