The G-Analytics Main Dashboard will be displayed to any user accessing the G-Analytics Platform. By default, the OrganizationProfile reporting dashboard is displayed. To learn more about each reporting dashboard, please see G-Analytics Reporting Dashboards and Reports.

How to Select Other Reporting Dashboards

Users can select Reporting Dashboards within the drop-down menu at the top of the G-Analytics Main Dashboard.

G-Analytics Dashboard Reports

Reports within each Reporting Dashboard have parent/child/sibling relationships, so when the user selects an item in a parent report, the details are shown in the child (children) report. This is not the case for all reports. Some reports are stand-alone. 

G-Analytics Reporting Options

The following icons and menus can be found in G-Analytics Reports:



Select or customize the Reporting Period.

Search by keyword within a report.

Opens a zoomed report in a pop-up window. An example is shown below.

Highlights the linked Parent report in the reporting dashboard. The Parent report will be highlighted in blue.

Highlights the linked Children report(s) in the reporting dashboard. Child reports will be highlighted in green.