Org Admins set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) within the GenRocket web platform. Once set up by the Org Admin, users must verify their identity using MFA before gaining access to the platform. 

Note: For more information about MFA setup, please see this article: Org Admin: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup Steps.

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How are Users Verified in GenRocket

User access is verified with the following steps: 

  • Login Step 1 - The user logs into the platform with a username and password.
  • Login Step 2 - The user receives the MFA Code via email. This code must be entered within the platform.

Initial MFA Login Process for Users

  • Log into the GenRocket web platform with a Username and Password.

  • Code via Email is already selected. This is the only supported MFA Method at this time.
  • Verify the email address and click the Confirm button.

  • The MFA code will be sent to the user's registered email address as an automated email. 
  • A confirmation message will be displayed within the User MFA form.

  • The email will be addressed to the user and contain the MFA verification code.

  • Enter the MFA Code within the GenRocket web platform, as shown below:

  • Click the Verify button.
  • Once verified, the user will be directed to the Project Dashboard.

Note: After the initial verification, the user will automatically receive the email containing the MFA code and can enter it into the GenRocket platform to access the Project Dashboard. How frequently this occurs will depend on the MFA settings configured by the Org Admin.

How to Resend the MFA Code

The user will see a Resend (number of seconds) button. The number of seconds will automatically count down to 0 seconds.

Once it reaches 0 seconds, the user can click the Resend MFA Code button.

Note: Org Admins set the limit on how many times users can request to resend the MFA code. If users exceed the set limit, they cannot log in and need to reach out to an Org Admin.