For this example, we will show how to change the Sender ID value within the ISA_InterchangeControlHeader Segment within an EDI 837I Project.

Step 1: Expand the Management Menu within the Menu Bar and select EDI Management.

Step 2: Select the EDI Project (i.e., EDI Header) and the EDI Version.

Step 3: Expand Segments and Loops to locate the Element that needs to be changed. For this example, the ISA_InterchangeControlHeader will be expanded.

Step 4: Click on the Jump to Domain icon for the ISA06_InterchangeSenderID Element.

Step 5: Select the senderID06 Attribute for the InterchangeControlHeader Domain within the Domain Dashboard.

Step 6: Change the entered value for the value Parameter. The default value in this example is SENDER.

Step 7: Click the Save Generator button. The entered Sender ID value will be used in each generated EDI Document.

Note: A user can complete these steps to modify any Element/Attribute value at the Project Version Level. Remember, changes here apply to every generated EDI Document/Transaction Set.