This article shows how users can disable Segments, Loops, and Elements within an EDI Project through the EDI Management Dashboard.

Please note that most Segments and Loops within the EDI Document are turned on and off within individual G-Cases in the Self Service Portal.

We recommended using G-Cases to customize an EDI Document for each test case or business scenario. If the generated EDI Document/Transaction Set will never need to include the Segment, Loop, or Element, it is feasible to disable it at the Project Version Level.

How to turn Segments, Loops, and Elements on and off

Each Segment, Loop, and Element has a checkbox, which users can use to turn it on or off (i.e., disable/enable) within the EDI Document at the Project Level. A checkmark means it is turned on or enabled.

Use the checkboxes next to a Segment/Loop to turn it on or off. Expand any Segment or Loop within the EDI Management Dashboard to view its Elements. Then use the checkboxes to turn Elements on/off.