A created EDI Project will have accelerated Test Data Cases (or G-Cases). These G-Cases have been pre-configured to meet specific business scenarios for the EDI Document/Transaction Set.

The G-Cases may be modified directly or copied and then modified. Users may copy individual G-Cases within the provided G-Case Suite or copy the entire G-Case Suite before making any modifications.

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How to Access G-Cases from the EDI Management Dashboard

To view G-Case Suites and G-Cases for a specific EDI Project, complete the following steps within the EDI Management Dashboard:

  • Select the EDI Project within the EDI Header Pane.
  • Select the EDI Project Version within the EDI Versions Pane.
  • Click on the G-Cases button.

How to Copy a G-Case Suite within an EDI Project

  • Click on the Copy icon within the Actions Column for the G-Case Suite.

  • Enter a new Name for the G-Case and click the Save button.

    Note: Users can also select a different G-Case Suite from the drop-down menu within the dialog window.

How to Copy a G-Case within an EDI Project

  • Select the G-Case Suite and G-Case Category containing the accelerated G-Cases.

  • Click the Copy icon for the desired G-Case within the G-Cases Pane.

  • Enter a new Name and Description for the G-Case. Then click the Save button.

  • Users can select the new G-Case within the G-Cases Pane and make changes to it without impacting the G-Case that was used to create the copy.