Users can add Domains for Segments/Loops to an individual G-Case. Once added, a user can edit the added Test Case Domain to alter the values generated for one or more Attributes (i.e., Elements). This lesson shows how to add a Domain for a Segment/Loop to a G-Case through the EDI Tree View.

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How to access G-Cases for an EDI Project

Complete the following steps within the EDI Management Dashboard to view and manage G-Cases:

  • Select the EDI Project within the EDI Header Pane.
  • Select the EDI Project Version within the EDI Versions Pane.
  • Click on the G-Cases button.

How to add Segment/Loop Domains to a G-Case

  • Ensure the EDI View option is selected within the drop-down menu in the top left corner.

  • Select a G-Case Suite and G-Case Category.

  • Select a G-Case within the table. A G-Case is highlighted in blue when selected.

  • Click on the EDI Tree icon within the G-Case Editor Tab.

  • To add a Domain to a G-Case, click on the Add (+) icon. For this example, we will add the Loop_1000A Domain.

    The icon will change to a Pencil icon once added, as shown below:

  • Click the OK button to close the EDI Tree View dialog window.

How to Remove a Test Case Domain from a G-Case

Users can remove a Test Case Domain from a G-Case by searching for the Domain within the G-Case Editor Tab and then using the Delete (Trash Can) icon.