Top New Features and Enhancements for June 2022

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) User Login Verification

An Org Admin can enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for their organization to add an additional layer of security when each user logs in. This verification is performed via email by sending the user a one-time MFA code, which must be entered to verify their identity before gaining access to the platform. Mobile text may be added in the future as an additional method for receiving the one-time code. 

Org Admins can set up MFA from the My Organization Dashboard by clicking on the Manage MFA button. 

They will then see the following form, which can be used to enable and configure MFA for their organization. Additional details on MFA can be found in this article: Org Admin: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup Steps.

After MFA has been enabled and set up by an Org Admin, each user will be prompted to verify their email address upon their next login. 

Once completed, the user will receive their MFA Code via email and can enter it into the form below to access the GenRocket web platform. Additional details on user MFA login verification steps can be found in this article: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) User Login Steps.

Project Categorization (Beta)

Project Categorization may be used to organize Projects, thus making it easier for users to discover them and leverage the work that has already been done on the GenRocket web platform. An Org Admin can set up Business Units, Categories, and Tags, which can then be used to categorize Projects.

Once these steps have been taken, users can discover and view Projects by selecting a Business Unit, Category, and Tags. Please see Project Categorization Overview (Beta) for more information.

EDI 278 Inquiry and Response Added to EDI Platform

EDI 278 Health Care Services Review Information Inquiry and Response documents have been added to the GenRocket EDI Platform. There are currently four 278 documents available, and the remaining two documents will be enabled by the end of July.

To create a Project for these new transaction sets, users will need to do the following: 

  1. Access the EDI Store
  2. Select 278 within the EDI Document Pane
  3. Use the Create Project button for the inquiry or inquiry response transaction set. 

Note: Additional information about creating EDI Projects can be found in this article: How to create an EDI Project.

DelimitedFileSegmentMergeReceiver - Create Multiple Output Files

A multipleFileOutput parameter has been added to the DelimitedFileSegmentMergeReceiver. This parameter can be set to "true" to generate one file for each nested record, resulting in multiple output files. Please see How do I use the DelimitedFileSegmentMergeReceiver? for more information.

MapCSVGen Generator - Parameter Added for CSV File Subdirectory

A fileSubDir parameter has been added to the MapCSVGen Generator and can be used to define an optional subdirectory under the directory where the CSV file is located.

GenericSQLInsertV2Receiver - Support for UUID and Range Data Types

Support has been added for new data types in the GenericSQLInsertV2Receiver: UUID and Range. These selections are available for the Column Type Receiver Attribute Property Key within the Receiver configuration.

  • UUID - Parses the generated UUID string value into a UUID object before inserting it into the table column.
  • Other - Handles other data types like Range.

Note: Please see this article to learn more: How do I use the GenericSQLInsertV2Receiver?.