Receivers are automatically assigned and configured for each Domain within a created EDI Project. All Domains generating segments of EDI Data are assigned the EDISegmentDataCreatorReceiver.

The Merge Domain within the EDI Project is assigned the EDISegmentMergeReceiver. The EDISegmentMergeReceiver merges multiple segments of data into the EDI formatted output.

Parameters for these Receivers do not have to be modified to generate EDI test data. They are pre-configured and will work if the subdirectories and required files are available on the user’s local computer. However, some Receiver Parameters may be customized if desired.

How to modify Receiver Parameters

For this example, we will show how to view and modify the Receiver Parameters for the EDISegmentMergeReceiver.

Step 1: View the Domain within the Domain Dashboard

The Merge Domain can be accessed and viewed through the Project Dashboard by selecting the EDI Project and entering Merge into the filter input field within the Domains Pane.

Note: Click on any Domain within the Domains Pane to view it within the Domain Dashboard and access the Receiver Parameters.

Step 2: View the Assigned Receiver

Within the Domain Dashboard, click on the Receiver Name (e.g., EDISegmentMergeReceiver) to view its Parameters.

Step 3: Make Changes to the Receiver’s Parameters

For EDI Projects, these Parameters are modified the most often within the EDISegmentMergeReceiver:

  • outputSubDirectory – This is the subdirectory where the generated EDI Output files are stored within the user’s output path on their local computer. The default value is data.

  • configSubDir – This is the subdirectory where the EDI Config File will need to be placed within the user’s output path to generate EDI test data. The default value is config.

To change Parameter values, click on the input field to type the new value or select an option from a drop-down menu.

Note: Remember to click the Save button after modifying Receiver Parameters.

Important: The EDI Config File must be placed within the defined subdirectory if a value is entered for the outputSubDirectory Parameter.