For some Mac OS/Linux Machines, Java does not have default UTF-8 encoding. This is necessary when generating data with special characters (Swedish characters, Japanese characters, etc.). 

The steps in this article can be used to manually set Java's character encoding to UTF-8. For this example, the screenshot examples are for Mac OS.

Step 1: Open bash.profile in a Terminal Window

  • Open the shell startup file through a terminal window. This is typically bash.profile.
  • Enter this command to open your .bash_profile:

nano bash.profile

Step 2: Add this line to the Shell start-up file 

  • Enter this line into your shell start-up file.

export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-Dfile.encoding=UTF8

Step 3: Exit and Save Changes

  • Use Control + X to exit and save the changes.

  • Enter Y to save the change.

  • Then press the Enter key to finish.

Step 4: Run the Scenario

  • Run the Scenario at the command line using the genrocket -r command.

  • The following line will appear in the terminal window during test data generation: 

Step 5: Open the Output File in an Editor such as TextEdit

The example below contains address information for Saudi Arabia: