The Generator Search feature can be used to search for Generators being used by Domain and Attributes within a selected Project and Project Version.

Note: Alternatively, the Generator Tuning Wizard can be used to view assigned Generators and make changes when certain import methods have been used to create Domains and Attributes. Click here to learn more. 

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What are the Benefits of Generator Search?

  • Provides a list of all unique generators within a Project Version
  • Users can see what Domains and Attributes are using a Generator
  • Users can jump to a Domain Attribute within the search results

Users can access the Generator Search feature from several locations within the GenRocket web platform:

Project Versions Pane

Domain Dashboard

Scenario Dashboard

  • Select a Project and Project Version.
  • Click on the Generator Search icon to view unique Generators.

  • Select a Generator within the list of unique Generators.

  • All Domains and Attributes associated with the selected Generator will appear on the right.

  • A Magnifying Glass icon will be present if the assigned Generator count exceeds five Attributes within a Domain.

    The complete list of the Attributes will be displayed below the list of unique Generators:

  • Select a Domain Attribute to view the Generator within the Attribute Dashboard.

    Note: Use the Close button to exit without jumping to the Domain Attribute. 

Additional Steps - Search Results with more than 100 Domains

When the search results for a unique Generator exceed 100 Domains, the user will be prompted to refine their search. 

Complete the following steps to refine the search: 

  • Select a Search Filter option
    • Starts With - Search for Domain names beginning with the entered string value.
    • Ends With - Search for Domain names ending with the entered string value. 
    • Contains - Search for Domain names that include the entered string value. 
    • Matches - Search for Domain names that exactly match the entered string value.

  • Enter a Search String Value.

  • Click on the Filter button.

  • The search results will appear as shown below: