The GenRocket Runtime is a set of open-source Java jars and its own genrocket.jar that are packaged together in one zipped file known as the GenRocket Runtime. 

Different combinations of these jars are used by an array of GenRocket components and GenRocket engines to generate real-time, dynamic, synthetic test data.

The genrocket.jar contains the code for executing all command line functions, API methods, and is responsible for downloading and installing other GenRocket-specific jars:

  • gr-engine.jar
  • gr-generators.jar
  • gr-receivers.jar
  • gr-grepository-servers.jar
  • gr-grepository-clients.jar

The image below shows the list of Java jars with the genrocket/lib folder. The list of jars and their version numbers are subject to change with each release of the GenRocket runtime.