Runtime Error Description

Unable to find domain <Domain Name> from <DomainName.AttributeName>

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Sample Error

Reason for Error

  • Occurs when attempting to reference an Attribute of another Domain at the G-Case level when a relationship has yet to be defined between the Domains.

How to Resolve

  • Domain relationships must be defined before generating data to correctly reference the value and maintain referential integrity.

  • Domain relationships cannot be defined at the G-Case level and must be defined at the Domain (Template) level. Click here to learn more about setting relationships at the Domain (Template) level.

Example Setup Causing Error

Note: This is just one example, and others may also apply.

In this example, two Domains exist within a Project: Department and User. Each has been assigned a Receiver and has a Scenario; however, no relationships have been defined between these two Domains. 

A Test Data Case with one category and one case has been created. Both Domains have been added to the case.

An additional Attribute has been added at the G-Case Level for the User Domain titled "deptId." It has been added to reference the id Attribute for the Department Domain within the User Domain. 

Within the GenRocket web platform, everything looks to be set up correctly, yet this error is received when the G-Case command is run with the User Scenario. 

Since no relationships have been defined at the Domain (Template) level, GenRocket Runtime cannot locate the referenced Domain and Attribute that is part of the defined G-Case.


For this example, it can only correctly reference the id Attribute with the Department Domain once the relationship is defined. The user receives the following error. 

How was the above example resolved? 

Domain relationships, at the template level, are defined within the Domain Dashboard. At the time they are defined, the following will occur: 

  • No Scenario Exists - Handled automatically when each Domain Scenario is created.
  • Scenarios Already Exist - The user will be prompted to add the Domain to the selected Scenario(s).

To resolve the error for the above example, a relationship must be defined at the Domain (Template) level between the Department and User Domains. In this case, Department is the Parent Domain of the User Domain. 

The Department Domain was added to the User Scenario (as shown below): 

Any references made at the G-Case level will automatically work now that the relationship has been defined and the Department Domain exists within the User Scenario.