Release Notes - March 2023

Release Date

Updated Jar Files

New Features

March 31, 2023GenRocket Jar (
Engine Jar (
Generator Jar (
Receiver Jar (
GRepositoryClient Jar (
The following new features were in this release:
  • DateFilterGen Generator - Filters out generated dates based on the configured exclude conditions (Filter By Dates or Filter By Days). At least one exclude condition must be configured. 

  • MRZCodeGen Generator - Generates MRZ code required by Passport and Visa.


The following enhancements were in this release:
  • G-Migration+ - Added schema fields in G-Migration+ config to allow schema specific migration.

  • API - Call added to create a Server User.

  • ImageTemplateReceiver - Handling of newline characters in the values.

  • RandomIncreaseGen, RandomIncDecPeakGen - Allow negative values in the target sum.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were in this release:
  • JSONFileReceiver - Generating improper JSON when the alwaysArray parameter was set to 'True.'

  • Copying Project Versions - Some items were not being copied to the new Project Version. This included grVar values in G-Queries and some Generator resource parameters, depending on how they were set up. 

  • Passport Generators - All passport generators were throwing an exception when referenced by another Attribute.

  • G-Repository with GMUS - An error was received if an expired certificate was present in the .genrocket folder when a G-Repository Scenario was executed. G-Repository was still checking the certificate against G-Repository Server.

  • G-Repository with GMUS - An error was being thrown when using GMUS with G-Repository via a REST API call.