Release Notes - May 2023

Release Date

Updated Jar Files

New Features

May 26, 2023Engine Jar (

Generator Jar (

Receiver Jar (
The following new features were in this release: 
  • EDISMMCMergeReceiver - Merges multiple segment data into EDI formatted output.

  • G-Migration+ - Added the ability to define referential integrity between tables when it does not exist in the database. Click here to learn more.

  • MathGen Generator - Performs 17 standard math functions on a constant value, referenced linked Generator, or referenced Attribute. Available functions include Absolute Value (abs), degrees, Exponential (exp), radians, and Square Root (sgrt). Click here to learn more.


The following enhancements were in this release: 
  • RestDirectoryV2Receiver - Added loginIteration parameter and optional login tag in RestDirConfig.xml file for token authorization.
  • JSONFileMaskReceiver - Added ability to communicate and read values from G-Map Server.

  • Project Management - A new flexibility has been added to the Organization which allows them to control who can manage the Projects. 

    If enabled for an Organization, the Organization Admin can assign "Project Manager" role to a user. In such Organizations, only the users with Project Manager role or Organization Admin will be allowed to create, copy, and delete Projects. 

    If not enabled for an Organization, any user can create, copy and delete (based on deletion policy) Projects.

  • New EDI Forms- The following EDI Formas have been added: 
    • 837P - X298
    • 837I - X299
    • 837D - X300

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were in this release:
  • JSONFileMaskReceiver - Elements in the list were not being masked. Additionally, if two files were in the source directory, the destination files were not correctly named.

Release Date

Updated Jar Files


May 17, 2023GenRocket Jar (

Engine Jar (

Generator Jar (

GRepository Jar (

GRepositoryClient Jar (
The following enhancements were in this release: 
  • G-Repository 

    -grtconn: A new command to check the connectivity of G-Repository client with G-Repository server

    genrocket -grtconn <HOST>:<PORT> 

  • GMUS - SSL certificate updated

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were in this release:
  • G-Repository Too Many Files Error - Issue due to too many files open after running for a few days and requiring a restart. 

  • Parquet Configuration Management - When the logical type was changed to decimal for a fixed-type Attribute, the Precision, Scale, and Size drop-downs were not appearing on the screen.

  • Organization Admin Unable to Disable User
    • Organization Admin was unable to disable a user from the My Organization page.
    • Fixed the same bug at the API level

  • JSON Import Error - Domains were not created properly when the first JSON block was of type 'array' in the imported JSON file.

  • LoopGen - not referenceable in some Generators like RangGen