Users can download a G-Rule Suite and run it with a  Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set at the command line. This is done by using the provided command at the bottom of the G-Rules Dashboard. The generated test data will match the rule conditions/actions defined within the G-Rule Suite. 

Note: Alternatively, G-Rules can be added to a Test Data Case or G-Case and be applied when the G-Case is run with a Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set. To learn more, see this article: How to add Test Data Rule Suites to a Test Data Case.

In This Article

Step 1 - Select the Project and Project Version

  • Select a Project within the Projects pane.
  • Select a Project Version (when multiple exist).

Step 2 - Download the Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set

  • Click the Download (Cloud) Icon with the Scenarios, Scenario Chains, or Scenario Chain Sets Pane of the Project Dashboard

Step 3 - Access the G-Rules Dashboard

  • Expand the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu within the Project Versions pane, then select G-Rules.

Step 4 - Download the G-Rules Suite

  • Click the Download (Cloud) icon for the G-Rule Suite within the Action column of the G-Rules Dashboard.

Step 5 - Copy the G-Rules Command in the G-Rules Dashboard

  • Select the Rules Suite in the G-Rules Dashboard (when more than one suite exists). 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard to view the command to run the Test Data Rule Suite.
  • Select and copy the command to use at the command line.

Step 6 - Run the Command with the Scenario Name at the Command Line

  • Paste or enter the command line into a Command Prompt or Terminal window. 
  • Replace <ScenarioName.grs> with the actual Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set name and press Enter.

Sample Output (Delimited File)

In this example, the reward level is determined by the account balance: