Release Notes - June 2023

Release Date

Updated Jar Files

New Features

June 30, 2023
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The following new features were in this release: 
  • RandomIncreaseRowGen - Generates increasingly random numbers (whole and decimal) in a column format until the total sum of the generated numbers reaches the desired total (targetSum).
    • Ex: 1,2, 5, 7   targetSum=15

  • RandomIncDecPeakRowGen - Generates a random increasing and decreasing sequence of numbers (whole and decimal) in a column format, where the position of the “peak” (highest) number in the sequence can be defined. The total of the numbers will be the “targetsum”.  The sequence will repeat until the loopcount is met.
    • Ex: Give me 5 numbers totaling 35, with the peak of the sequence in position 3.


The following enhancements were in this release:
  • G-Families- Added an optional Case Name field to the Add G-Cases form. 
    • Case Name is Provided - The case will be created with the given name under the selected Category. The case will contain all the chosen Domains in the form.
    • Case Name is not Provided - An individual case will be created for each selected Domain in the form.

  • FixedFileReceiver - Allows blank value or no value in the header name. For columnName, Attribute Property Key, the user can enter #{BLANK} or #{EMPTY}. The header name will not appear in the output file when these are used.

  • RealTimeTestReceiver - Allows request URLs to be dynamic where dynamic values in the URL can be read from an Attribute.

  • FixedDelimitedSegmentMergeReceiver - Added columnDelimiter parameter, which defines the delimiter used to separate columns.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were in this release:
  • G-Rules - When assigning a Generator to a G-Rule, the Generator preview window would throw an exception due to a variable incorrectly being called.

  • G-Cases (Multiple) 
    • Generator Replacement in G-Case was not showing the save button.
    • Individual G-Case download selection was not downloading on VPC.

  • JSON Import - Import was not working when different JSON elements created the same GenRocket Attribute Name.

  • EngineManual API - If a user changed the Scenario file name after downloading and then tried to run the APIs using it, the API did not recognize it as a Scenario and threw an exception.

  • G-Migration+ Messaging - Showing "All Done" in Runtime messaging even when the migration failed. The message was changed to "Migration Failed" in instances where the migration does not complete due to an error.

  • AvroSegmentMergeReceiver - Receiver was failing when the loopCount was greater than 1.

  • DelimitedFileSegmentMergeReceiver - Reference to an Attribute in the Dynamic Directories tab was not working. This occurred when the folder already existed on the user's local machine.

  • REST API - The user downloaded Scenarios and, upon making subsequent requests, received "error 500". Threading was not working correctly for multiple calls, and the folder was deleted, resulting in the required Scenario not being available for test data generation.

  • GMUS with G-Repo - Logging was not working when making a request to G-Repo URL in GMUS.

  • G-Repository - The incorrect Project Version was being downloaded in G-Repository when the Project Versions have the same description.

  • G-Map GenericSQLInsertReceiver - The Receiver was not saving data in G-Map for lower loopCount.

  • G-MapPutReceiver - The Receiver was not working when the batchSize count exceeded the loopCount.

  • My Organization Page (Web Platform) - Assign License dialog box displayed disabled users as a selection option.

  • ParquetSegmentMergeV2Receiver- If a user was to set the fixed data type and decimal logical type for an Attribute with integer value with a length less than 19 digits, the resulting schema showed the datatype as "Long" even though it was set to decimal with precision and scale.