Users can turn a Domain and its child hierarchy and individual Attributes on and off within a case for test data generation. 

Test data will not be generated for the Domain (and its child hierarchy) or Attributes when turned off. This article will show the three ways users can do so. 

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Three Methods for Turning Domains or Attributes On/Off

  1. Domain Tree View - View Domains and Attributes in a hierarchical view. Entire Domains or individual Attributes can be turned on and off.

  2. Toggle Attributes Option - Use the icon to turn one or more Attributes on or off within a Case Domain.

  3. Domain Toggle - Use the toggle to turn a Domain and its child hierarchy on or off for test data generation.

How to Use the Domain Tree View

  • Click on the Domain Tree View icon.
  • Click the Expand icon to view a Domain, its Attributes, and its children. 

  • Use the checkboxes to turn a Domain or an individual Attribute on or off and click Ok.
  • For this example, three User Domain Attributes and the Address Domain have been turned off.  

    Note: When a Domain is disabled, the toggle within the G-Case will also appear disabled.

How to Toggle Attributes On or Off

  • Select the Toggle Attributes icon.
  • Click on the Toggle Slider for each Attribute that should be disabled.

  • The toggle will be white when an Attribute is disabled. 
  • For this example, three Attributes have been turned off: ssn, dateOfBirth, and age.
  • Click Save once finished. 

  • Click Yes in the confirmation prompt.

  • The ssn, dateOfBirth, and age Attribute information are not included in the generated output, as shown below: