October 2023

Release Date

Updated Jar Files

New Features

October 27, 2023GenRocket jar (

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The following new features were added in this release:
  • Mod11CheckDigitGen - A check digit is a number used to check the validity of a series of numbers. This generator uses the Modulus 11 algorithm to generate the check digit number for a constant or referenced value. It can generate the referenced number with the check digit or the check digit value. Typical applications include driver's license numbers, ISBNs, and barcodes.


The following enhancements were made in this release:
  • GMUS APIs for Checking and Creating G-Repo Client Repo - Repositories for each project version needed to be set up manually at the G-Repo client to call the scenarios using GMUS APIs. However, this makes it difficult for customers to integrate into their CI/CD pipeline and ensure seamless execution. To resolve this problem, we have created two GMUS APIs to check for and create a repository for a project version when it does not exist:
    1. http://<IPAddress>:<Port>/rest/repoClientCheck - Check to see if a repository exists for the Project Version.  

    2. http://<IPAddress>:<P/rest/repoClientCreate - Creates a repository for a Project Version if it does not exist. 
  • Salesforce Custom Domain URL Enablement - A Salesforce custom domain allows users to use their Web address for Salesforce sites. Users can now add one or more Custom Domains to their GenRocket account. Once added, they can select a custom domain for each Salesforce profile. Click here to learn more about Salesforce integration.

  • RestDirectoryV2Receiver - Previously, this receiver only sent requests using the POST method; however, some requests need to be sent using the PUT method to be able to send the payload in the response file. Support was added to pass the method type within the config file. The method type will be considered POST by default if it is not explicitly defined in the config file. Click here for more information. 

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were made in this release:
  • USStateCapitalCountyGen - The Generator was not generating the correct US counties.

  • ExcelToMapGen - The setLoop parameter is used to set the loop of the Domain based on the number of records in the sheet. Scenario execution was in an infinite loop when the setLoop parameter was set to "true." This receiver iterates rows in the sheet to obtain the number of rows. Empty rows acted as active rows, which caused the iteration to go into an infinite loop. 

  • XMLSegmentMergeReceiver -  The receiver was still generating the block of XML for a Domain when the segment was turned off within a G-Case. This was because the receiver was generating raw tags, which still created the XML block with no actual data. A fix has been implemented so that this does not occur.

  • Adding Receiver with Dynamic File Configuration at G-Case Level - Adding a Receiver in G-Case along with Dynamic File Configuration throws an exception when running in Scenario Chain along with other Scenarios. A fix has been implemented to prevent the error from occurring.

  • PartitionEngine was not generating correct Parent Domain id values in children Domains.