November 2023

Release Date

Updated Jar Files

New Features

November 24, 2023GenRocket jar (

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The following new features were added in this release:
  • ORCSegmentMergeReceiver - ORC is an encrypted and compressed file format used in the Hadoop ecosystem and is needed to populate data into Hadoop for further modification. This Receiver can be used with the SegmentDataCreatorReceiver to create the correct ORC output needed to populate Hadoop. 


The following enhancements were added in this release:
  • G-Repository Server - Added ability to launch a G-Repo Server on HTTPS protocol. Click here to know more.

  • GMUS API - A new API call has been added to launch G-Migration+ through GMUS. When making an API call to launch G-Migration+ in GMUS, users can modify the where clause, limit type, and limit value. Click here to learn more.

  • Migration support for Sybase - SybasePartitionReceiver has been added as a selectable option in the G-Migration+. Users can select it within the migration configuration for data subsetting and masking with Sybase databases.

  • SwiftSegmentMergeReceiver - SWIFT requires that if the text length is greater than n (n can be any number), the text should be split up and continue on the next line. The enhancement checks for the escaped character(\n) and changes to a line separator during test data generation. Click here to learn more.

  • UnitedStatesMapGen Generator - Added CAPITAL_COUNTY option for keyDataPoint and valueDataPoint parameter. When selected, the county will be generated from the state information.

  • UnitedStatesListGen Generator - Added CAPITAL_COUNTY option for dataPoint parameter. When selected, the county will be generated from the state information. 

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were added in this release:
  • Spark Schema Import - The import was not setting the Attribute type in the automatically assigned ParquetFileReceiver.

  • G-Migration+ - Changes were not being reflected at the PartitionReceiver level when updating any of the G-Migration+ configurations that pertained to the PartitionReceiver present in the Default Domain.

  • RandomGen Generator - The uniqueLimit parameter was throwing an error when entering a value. Additionally, the uniqueLimit could not be enforced for a dynamic start and end range where the range changes per record. The unique limit will not be enforced for dynamic ranges, and an additional message has been added to the Generator description.

  • Project Version Creation - This issue occurred for Projects assigned to a team with team members who had access to existing Project Versions. The team member would create a new Project Version but could not see it because it was not added to the Team Permission.

  • Project Version Copy - During Project Version Copy, not all G-Query configurations were being replicated.

  • Engine API - When using the Engine APIs for a Scenario Chain, the Test Data Cases were loaded more than once.