January 2024

Release DateUpdated JarsNew Features
January 25, 2024GenRocket Jar (

Engine Jar (

Generator Jar (

Receiver Jar (

GRepository Jar (

GRepositoryClient Jar (
The following new features were in this release:
  • QueryStoredFuncEachLoopGen - A new generator that makes a dynamic call to a stored function with zero or more parameters and expects to return a single result of a given data type on each loop iteration.

  • ArabicNameGen Generator - A new Generator to generate Arabic male, female, and last names (in Arabic alphabet). When referenced to an attribute using NameGen or NameV2Gen, this Generator will create a transliteration of the English name (ex: Sally will be written in the Arabic Alphabet)

  • G-Delta (Beta release):  Detects database schema changes such as tables or columns added, removed, etc., and sends the "delta" to GenRocket cloud to refactor the Project Version and components (scenarios, G-cases, etc.). This ensures that the test data generated reflects the latest database schema (note: Customer must have G-Repository installed and active).

The following enhancements were in this release:
  • G-Case feature enhanced to be able to enable/disable Receiver at a G-Case level. This enables/disables the output for that specific Domain when running a Scenario with a corresponding G-Case. This functionality already exists for Scenarios, where you can enable/disable Receiver at the Scenario level.
  • GenRocket License Check timeout- Customizable timeout (in milliseconds) added so that in cases where the customer system is not able to conduct a license check, the system will time out after the mentioned time. Option gto added to configure the timeout period.
    Example: genrocket -r Scenario.grs -gto 5000

    This will wait for 5000 milliseconds(5s) for license checking before it times out.

  • SFTPReceiver - Enhanced to allow users to configure preferred authentication for Kerberos Support

Bug Fixes
The following bug fixes were in this release:
  • Project Version Copy - Apostrophe in the Project Version description caused the Project Version copy process to fail
  • G-Graphics - Deleted Project Versions were showing up in the G-Graphics

  • Team Permissions - Project Version Access Dialog under Team Management was showing the same Project Version multiple times.

  • XML File Generation - CDATA (used to replace special characters like <, >, ', ", &) was getting applied to XML tag text and XML tag attribute value. It should only apply to XML tag text value.

  • LoopSetGen - Incorrect loop count was getting set for children Domains.

  • EDISegmentMergeReceiver (Dynamic File and Directory Config) - "Cross Reference" parameter renamed to "Reference" making it consistent with all other Receivers.