This article shows the basic steps for creating a New Domain in the GenRocket web platform. Please note that additional options are available for creating and importing Domains in GenRocket.

How to Create a Domain in GenRocket

  • Log into the GenRocket web platform.

  • Select a Project within the Projects pane.

  • Within the Domains pane, click the New Domain button.

  • Next, select the New Domain option.

  • Enter a Name for the new Domain.

  • Click the Save button to finish.

    Note: Only use letters and numbers for a Domain name. Users are also now allowed to use spaces.

  • When a Domain is created using this option, it will only be created with an id Attribute. More Attributes will need to be added to generate test data. 

    Note: To learn more, please see this article: How do I add an Attribute to a Domain?.

Training Video

The following video can be used to learn more about creating a Domain in GenRocket: