Training Video 


Domains Window

In the Projects Dashboard, navigate to the Domains Window. You will only see the Domains window when you have a Project selected.

Domain Dropdown 

Open the "New Domain" drop down. 

New Domain from DDL

Click "New Domain from DDL". 

New Domain from DDL Dialog

Select "Import Multiple Domains from DDL". Click Next. 

Select Vendor and Upload DDL File

Select the vendor and upload your DDL File and then click "Save". 

Wait for your DDL to be imported

Your DDL file is now place in a queue. You will receive an email when the import has started and when the import has completed. Once you receive the completion email your Domains have been imported.

DDL Audit

After you import Multiple Domains from a DDL you can view a DDL audit if any errors occurred. 

Project Version Window

You can view your DDL import audit in the Versions window of your Project.

DDL Audit Dialog

Select the DDL import you want to audit and click "Next". If this is your first time importing you will only see one. 

View your DDL Audit