A Salesforce Profile must be activated to create a Domain from a Salesforce Object. Once activated, you will be able to follow the steps outlined in this article. To learn how to create a Salesforce Profile, click here. 

You will be prompted to activate a Profile when selecting a Salesforce Project in the web platform. 

Once the Test Data Project and Salesforce Profile have been selected, you will be able to use the Import from Salesforce option within the New Domain menu. This option allows you to select the Salesforce Object and Fields to be imported into the Domain.

How to create a Domain from Salesforce

  • Click the New Domain button within the Domains pane.

  • Select Import from SF from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the Load Objects button to load your Salesforce Objects.

  • All Salesforce Objects will be loaded and displayed within the pop-up window. Here, you can select a Salesforce Object to import into a Domain. 

  • Click on the Filter input field to search for a specific Salesforce Object. Use the page buttons to view each available page of Salesforce Objects.

  • Tick a radio button to select a Salesforce Object.

  • Click the Next button after making your selection.

  • Next, select the Fields to be included within the created Domain. 

  • Check the box for each desired field.

  • Click the Next button to continue with the import.

  • The selected Salesforce Object and Fields will be imported into a Domain.

  • Each selected field for the Salesforce Object will be a Domain Attribute.

Note: To learn more about modeling Salesforce data in the application and generating test data for Salesforce, click here