The AddressGen Generator generates addresses consisting of a street number, name and type with optional direction.


The following parameters may be configured for the AddressGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • startNumber* - Defines a starting street number (e.g. 1, 500, 1000).

  • endNumber - Defines an ending street number (e.g. 500, 1000, 2500).

  • waitAmount* - Defines how many iterations the street direction, name, and type will remain the same while the street number is still increasing.

  • jumpAmount* - Defines the amount to jump between street numbers.

  • streetNames* - Select between names of presidents or names of trees (e.g. Washington, Apple, Oak).

  • randomize* - Defines whether the street direction, name and type will be randomized.

  • seed - Defines an optional seed for randomization. Using the seed will ensure that the same random data is generated each time data is generated.

  • useDirection* - Defines whether the direction will appear in the street address. If True, then the direction will appear in the address (e.g. NE, N, S, SW). When False, the direction will not appear in the address. 

Video Training 

The following video can be used to see a quick tutorial on how to use the AddressGen Generator: 

How to Use the AddressGen Generator

You will need to create an Attribute and assign the AddressGen Generator to the Attribute. Alternatively, you can simply assign the Generator if the Attribute already exists.

Step 1: Create an Attribute for a selected Domain in your Project
  • Click on the Add Attribute button in the left panel of the Domain Dashboard.

  • Enter a Name for the Attribute and then click the Save button.

Step 2: Assign the MultiWeightGen Generator to the Attribute

You will be taken to the Attribute Dashboard after creating the new Attribute. This information can be found at the bottom of the Attribute Dashboard. 

Note: The AddressGen Generator will be assigned automatically when the Attribute name contains "address".

If a different Generator has been assigned, you will need to remove the current Generator and assign the AddressGen Generator to the Attribute. More information can be found in this help article: How Do I Assign a Different Generator to an Attribute? 

Step 3: Configure the Generator Parameters

Use the drop-down menus and fields to configure the required parameters for the AddressGen Generator. Click the Save Generator button to save your changes. Parameter descriptions can be found at the beginning of this article. 

Example 1: Addresses with a Defined Street Range and Directions Included

The following parameter configuration generates addresses with a street number ranging from 500 to 2500 and the street name as presidents. Addresses are randomized and directions are included. 

Data Preview:

Example 2: Increasing Street Numbers with Same Street Name for Multiple Records

The parameter configuration below switches the street name every ten records while increasing the street number for every record. Data is randomized and directions are NOT included. 

Data Preview: