The GenRocket G-Socket Engine allows the running of GenRocket Scenarios via a socket on a given port. For example, a user may want to test a device whose only interface is via a socket on a given port. The user may use G-Socket to deliver dynamic test data to the device.

G-Socket Engine Port Configuration

The G-Socket Engine requires one port to receive and respond to requests.

  • requestPort - 4444 (default) - Receives client socket requests.
  • Launch from a command line via, genrocket -R 4444 -d
  • The port number may be changed at DevOps’s discretion.
  • The user enters the port number (configured by DevOps) when launching a G-Socket Engine.


-R <port> or --run-socket-server <port>


genrocket -R 4444

If it launches successfully, it will echo the following message to the command line console (note: your version number may be different):

GenRocket Runtime Version: 3.5.38
GenRocket Version:
GenRocket Engine Version:
GenRocket Generator Runtime Version:
GenRocket Receiver Runtime Version:
GenRocket GRepositoryClient Runtime Version:
GenRocket GRepositoryServer Runtime Version:
GenRocket SocketServerEngine started on port: 4444
Press Ctrl+C to shutdown server.