If you add a Domain manually to GenRocket, it only takes a few steps to assign a parent Domain to it. Each Domain in GenRocket can only have 1 parent Domain.

How To Set Relationships Between Domains

Parent/Child Relationships can be set up and managed for Domains within a Project through the Domain Dashboard for a selected Domain.

To assign a parent Domain to a selected Domain, complete these steps: 

  • Navigate to the Domain Dashboard of the Domain that will be the child Domain.

  • Click on the Relationship tab in the Domain Dashboard.

  • In the Referential Parent Domain pane, click Add Referential Parent button.

  • In the dialog, select the parent Domain by clicking on the appropriate radial button.

  • Click the Save button.

  • The parent has now been added to your Domain.

As Parent-Child-Sibling Relationships are defined for a Domain, a graphical representation of the defined relationships will be provided. 

In the example below, Department is a Parent to the User Domain and the User Domain is a Parent to the Address Domain. 


This screen recording shows how to add a referential parent to a Domain