Each EDI Project has the same standard naming convention when it is created. For example, here is the name for an EDI 834 Document Project: 834-005010-X220.

  • 834 - EDI Document Type
  • 005010 - EDI Document Version
  • X220 - Guide ID

If multiple EDI Projects are needed for the same EDI Document, the existing EDI Project (or EDI Header) name will need to be modified. 

If the name is not modified before clicking on Create Project within the EDI Store, GenRocket will create a new EDI version when a project already exists for the selected EDI Document. 

This can be done in one of 2 ways: 

  • Edit the EDI Project Name
  • Edit the EDI Header Name

How to Change the EDI Project Name

Locate the project within the Projects pane of the Project Dashboard. Click the Edit (Pencil) icon to change the EDI Project name.

How to Change the EDI Header Name

The EDI Project name can be changed by clicking on the Edit (Pencil) icon for the desired EDI Project within the EDI Management Dashboard.

 It is recommended to add identifying information to the end of the current project name. Click Save once finished.

Note: To learn more about setting up your EDI Project, please see: How Do I Set Up My EDI Project?.