A Test Data Story or G-Story contains one or more Chapters with their own test data generation Components (Scenarios, Scenario Chains, Scenario Chain Sets, and optionally Test Data Cases). Test Data Cases can also be applied at the Story Level.

Note: Stories may have defined parent/sibling relationships, which allow them to inherit from another Story within the collection. 

How to add a G-Story to a G-Story Suite

Step 1: Select the Test Data Story Suite within the G-Stories Management Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the Add G-Story button.

Step 3: Enter a Name for the Story. A Story must have a unique name (CamelCase with no spaces). 

Step 4: (Optional) 
Test Data Case may be selected at the Story Level and applied to the entire Story. A Test Data Case loopCount overrides the loopCount set at the Scenario level. For this example, a Test Data Case will not be added.

Note: Use the X to remove the Test Data Case from the form.

Step 5: Enter a Description for the Story (optional but recommended).

Step 6: Click the Save button.

The Story will appear in the Stories Pane and the icons within the Actions Column can be used to edit, copy, download, lock, and delete a Story.

Additional Story Options

Additional options are available within the Actions Column for each Story. 



The Inherit Story icon can be used to select a Parent Story and set up Parent/Sibling relationships between Stories.
The Pencil icon can be used to edit the Story name and description.
The Copy icon can be used to copy a Story.
The Delete icon can be used to delete a Story from the Story Suite. 
The Move icon can be used to change the Story position within the table.