The MongoDBInsertReceiver is used to insert a Domain's generated data in JSON file directly into a MongoDB collection.


The following parameters can be defined for the MongoDBInsertReceiver. Items with an asterisk (*) are required: 

  • resourceName* - Defines the name of the resource that contains the database connection information on a user's local machine. 
  • databaseName* - The name of the database to access.
  • collectionName* - The name of the MongoDB collection to insert rows into.
  • truncate* - Truncates the collection before inserting rows.
  • jsonFilePath* - Defines the path to the JSON file.
  • jsonFileName - Defines the JSON file name inside the JSON file name.
  • extension - Defines the extension of the JSON files to read from inside of the JSON file path.

Receiver Attribute Property Keys

The Receiver defines three property keys that can be modified on any of its associated Domain Attributes:

  • columnName - Defines the name of the column as it is in the actual database table. 
  • columnType - Defines the column data type. Default is "String"
  • include - Defines if the column should be included or excluded from the insert statement.