An XML Schema Definition (XSD) can be imported into GenRocket to automatically create Domains, Attributes, and other necessary components that represent an XML document. 

This allows you to quickly define and generate test data for complex nested Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents by importing an XML Schema Definition (XSD) that formally describes the elements and nesting in an XML Document.

By importing an XSD into the GenRocket web platform, you are just a few steps away from generating any of the XML test data necessary for your test cases.

How to import Domains from XSD

  • Click the New Domain button within the Domains Pane.

  • Select and click the Import from XSD option.

  • Click the Choose File button. This will bring up a dialog to select a file from your computer.  

  • Select the XSD file you want to import.

    Note: The dialog will filter only the files with the .xsd extension.

  • After selecting your XSD to download, click the Save button. 

  • You will see the following message. Click the OK button.

  • Then wait for an email notifying you when the import is completed; it should only take a few minutes.

GenRocket will utilize its data warehouse and do its best to assign an appropriate Generator to each Domain Attribute. However, a few Attribute Generators may need to be modified to generate the exact type of data you need for your test cases.

Note: To learn more about removing and assigning Generators, please see this article: How do I assign a Generator?.