Business Units, Categories, and Tags must be set up to use the Project Categorization feature. This article shows how to create the following through the Project Categorization Dashboard

  • Business Units
  • Categories
  • Tags

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How to Access Project Categorization

  • Expand the Management Menu in the Menu Bar and select Project Categorization.

How to Create Business Units

  • Click on the Add Business Unit button.

  • Enter a Name and click Save.

  • Categories with Tags can be added to a Business Unit after being created.

How to Create Categories and Tags

  • Select a Business Unit.

  • Click on the Add Category button.

  • Enter a Name and Description.

  • Add up to five Tags to the Category.
    • Enter a name for the first Tag.
    • Click the Add button to add another Tag.
    • Enter the name and repeat for each Tag.

  • Click the Save button.

  • The Category and Tags will appear in alphabetical order as shown below: